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"..Some of our best employees have been Filipinos."

Craig Phillips
Managing Principal/Senior Vice President Lee & Associates-Commerce Inc.
Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services

"We have been hiring Filipinos since 1987 and found them very honest, well disciplined, hard working and creative.. "

Mr. Salah Al Alawi
Managing Director
Al Hadi Engineering
P.O. Box 37448, Riffa
Kingdom of Bahrain

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.. a study has shown that the US demand for teachers would balloon to two million in the next 10 years because fewer Americans are inclined to teach basic education.
She said US schools prefer to hire Filipinos because they have a good command of the English language and are "naturally caring and friendly.
"We have Filipino workers" is a sign you’ll see in some shops and trucks in Saudi Arabia. The advertisement derives from the fact that Filipinos are highly skilled, hardworking and get along well with people.
- Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Already in the United States there are job advertisements which say “preferably Filipinos.” In the Middle East, there was an article which states, if you want a job done, hire a Filipino.
- Teofisto Guingona, Jr.

  Flexible, industrious, and frequently skilled, Filipinos are finding their way into unexpected niche markets. Nurses trained in the Philippines, for instance, are more likely to end up working elsewhere. Hospital recruiters from Norway and the UK travel to Manila to hire them.
By David Diamond,

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HFC is the definitive online databank that international employers use to connect with the best Filipino talents. It IS NOT a recruitment agency. This website is intended only for the sole purpose of providing a means for employers and job applicants to connect.

HFC also paves the way for international employers to find the best Filipino job candidates by providing them the most comprehensive and most relevant information that seriously matter in the hiring process.

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Marketing Associates, Unit 2003 One Summit Office Tower, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 11/8/2019
Urgent Opening in Makati – Japanese Executive Assistant, Makati, Philippines, 11/7/2019
Apply Now as Japanese Executive Assistant and earn 100K, Makati, Philippines, 11/7/2019
Get hired as Japanese Executive Assistant in Makati, Makati, Philippines, 11/7/2019
Earn up to 100K as Japanese Executive Secretary in Makati, Makati, Philippines, 11/7/2019
Japanese Executive Secretary in Automotive Company, Makati, Philippines, 11/7/2019
MANDARIN CLIENT RELATION SPECIALIST~ Salary is up to P110,000, Pasig City, Philippines, 11/7/2019
Japanese Java Developer - JLPT N1-N3 Passer or Level, Cebu and Manila, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Java Developer -Earn up to P150,000 (Negotiable), MANILA AND CEBU, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese HR Delivery Analyst, Metro Manila, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese IT Staff (P 80,000- P150,000), Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Service Desk Management (P60,000 - P100,000), Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Research Publisher (With Training), Quezon City, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Accountant (Open for N3 and N4 Passers), Makati, Philippines, 11/6/2019
P80,000-P150,000! Japanese Java Developer (Highly negotiable), MANILA AND CEBU, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Service Desk Management - Up to P100,000, manila, Philippines, 11/6/2019
40 heads needed! Japanese Service Desk Management (Cebu and Manila), Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Japanese Service Desk Management -Open for Fresh graduates), Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Apply Now! P 60,000-100,000 Japanese Service Desk Management, Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
URGENT for November 27: Technical Support Representative, Upper Ground Floor c/o Acquire Asia Pacific, WCC (Worldwide Corporate Center) Acquire Asia Pacific, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Job Opening in Manila and Cebu – Japanese Java Developer, Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Earn 150K as Japanese Java Developer in Cebu, Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Get hired as Japanese IT Developer and earn up to 150K, Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019
Apply now as Japanese Java Developer – N1 to N3 Passer or Level, Cebu, Philippines, 11/6/2019

HFC helps Filipinos to find jobs abroad. By having your credentials accessible on our online database, you make one solid step closer to a more promising future. A candidate that is successfully hired by our meticulous member-employers does not only get a job -- but a career in life that will define your monetary future.

Filipinos already in America, Canada, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Taiwan will be able to establish the closest link to employers in their respective cities who have been wanting to hire Filipinos. Incidentally, the number one feedback from these employers before the availability of HFC is the absence of a constant and reliable source of information for prospective Filipino job candidates. HFC's online portal site breaks the common cultural barriers that hinder quick and easy way to connect foreign employers to Filipinos.

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