1. APPLICANT: Fill-out and submit Online application form
Applicant must make sure to remember his LOGIN (which will serve as his Account ID) and PASSWORD because they will be used in accessing the account.

NOTE: Applicant listing is completely FREE!
2. HFC: Upon successful submission of application, file will be stored in HFC's data server. (1 to 2 days)
Applicant may access and modify his file anytime while status is still ON FILE.
3. HFC: will update account status then evaluate application. Applicant will receive email notification. (1 to 2 days)
Temporarily, the applicant may not modify his record at this point.
4. HFC: will post evaluation result. Applicant will receive email notification. (1 to 2 days)
Once approved, you may upload your photo.
More importantly, aA clickable PAY NOW button link will be available for the payment procedure when the applicant logs-on to the HFC website. However, if application is returned, applicant may modify their resume' for a second review. Approval is not guaranteed.
5. HFC: will activate the account and update the status upon payment confirmation. (1 to 3 days)

6. APPLICANT: Prepare to answer calls and emails sent by EMPLOYERS. It is highly advised that the applicant rehearse his initial interaction with prospective employers.

Applicant's status becomes ACTIVE where it will be searchable and accesible by all automated hiring tools deployed to the member-employers

Applicant may update and improve his resume' anytime.

An ACTIVE status will remain for 6 months even after the applicant is already hired.

IMPORTANT: The approved APPLICANT shall deal with any contacting employer on his own personal capacity. HFC will only help market the applicant to its member-employers and does not guarantee hiring. HFC will not be held answerable for any contracts and other agreements entered into by the EMPLOYER and the APPLICANT.
HFC will not have any claim to wages or benefits, if any, that the hired applicant will be earning from his employment.

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